About Technichrome Industries

Technichrome grew over the past twenty years to become one of the largest Industrial hard chrome plating shops in Western Canada.  We have the resources to perform all repair services in house. 
This advantage allows us fast turn around, reasonable prices and exceptional high quality for our customers


Hard Chrome Plating

Hard chrome, also known as industrial chrome or engineered chrome, is used to reduce friction, improve durability through abrasion tolerance and wear resistance in general, minimize galling or seizing of parts, expand chemical inertness to include a broader set of conditions (especially oxidation resistance, arguably its most famous quality), and bulking material for worn parts to restore their original dimensions. It is very hard, measuring between 65 to 69 HRC. Hard chrome tends to be thicker than decorative chrome, with standard thicknesses in nonsalvage applications ranging from 0.2 to 0.6 mm (200 to 600 µm), but it can be an order of magnitude thicker for extreme wear resistance requirements, in such cases 1 mm (1,000 µm) or thicker provides optimal results. 

source: Wikipedia

Hard Chrome